Top 101 GK Questions for Class 5 in English

Top 101 GK Questions for Class 5 in English: Team of Gk Corner has provided a collection of GK Questions for the Students who are studying in the 5th class. We added General knowledge questions from Various Subjects Such as Daily Science, History, First Person in India, Computer Knowledge, Country, and their Capitals, Important Days Etc. These Gk Questions will help students develop skills like critical thinking and problem-solving. These two qualities are very important, for the classroom and for future competition as well. So here is the General knowledge questions and answers for class 5th in English you can also download a PDF of this, so let’s start the quiz.

Question 1: Which is the national animal of India?


Question 2:Which is the national bird of India?


Question 3: Which is the national aquatic animal of India?

Ganges Dolphin

Question 4: Which is the national fruit of India?


Question 5: Which is the national flower of India?


Question 6: Which is the national tree of India?


Question 7: Which is the national sport of India?


Question 8: What is the ratio between the length and width of the national flag of India?


Question 9: Who wrote the national anthem of India?

Rabindranath tagore

Question 10: Which is the national anthem of India?

vande mataram

Question 11: Who has written the national anthem of India?

bankim chandra chatterjee

Question 12: In which state the sun rises first in India? –

Arunachal Pradesh

Question 13: Which vitamin is found in abundance in Amla?

Vitamin C

Question 14: In which country was paper invented?


Question 15: Who is the supreme commander of the armed forces in India?


Question 16: The fish breathe With help of which organ?


Question 17: Who gave the slogan ‘Inquilab Zindabad’?

Bhagat Singh

Question 18: When did Vasco da Gama come to India?

1498 AD

Question 19: Where is Hawa Mahal situated?


Question 20: What is the lowest surface of the atmosphere called?


Question 21: Which is the largest state of India in terms of area?


Question 22: When is Earth Day celebrated?

22 April

Question 23: In which state is the Valley of Flowers located?

In Uttarakhand

Question 23: Who is the chairman of the Planning Commission?

Prime minister

Question 24: How many moles are there in Ashoka Chakra?


Question 25: Which was the first film made in India?

Raja Harishchandra

Question 26: Which is the smallest bone?


Question 27: Which is the largest bone?

Femur (thigh bone)

Question 28: How many muscles are there in the human body?


Question 29: What is the life span of red blood cell (RBC)?

120 days

Question 30: Where is the largest railway yard of India?

Mughalsarai (Uttar Pradesh)

Question 31: Who was the first woman railway minister of India?

Mamta Banerjee

General knowledge Questions for Class 5

Question 32: Which is the longest railway route in India?

Dibrugarh to Kanyakumari

Question 33: Where did India’s first metro train run?


Question 34: The longest distance train of the country is?

Vivek Express

Question 35: About what percentage of the earth’s surface is water?


Question 36: With which country does India’s longest terrestrial border come?


Question 37: Which is the largest planet in our solar system?


Question : Which gas has the highest percentage in the atmosphere?


Question: Which Sikh Guru is considered the founder of Sikhism?

Guru Nanak

Question: Which is the main festival of Sikhs?


Question: Which great man is called ‘Iron Man’?

Sardar Patel

Question: Which country is famous by the name of ‘Sunrise Ka Desh’?


Question: Which is the smallest state in India in terms of area?


Question: Onam is the famous festival of which state?


Question: When did Delhi become the capital of India?


Question: Which is the brightest planet?


Question: Who first called Mahatma Gandhi the Father of the Nation?

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

Question: Which is our national calendar?

Shaka era

Question: What is the duration of singing the national anthem?

52 seconds

Question: From where to where did the first train run in India?

From Bombay (present-day Mumbai) to Thane

Question: In which city was the metro rail service started for the first time in India?


Question: In which year did the railway start in India?


Question: What happens in LPG gas?


Question: Which is the oldest Veda?


Question: How many bones are there in human body?


Question: Which vitamin is obtained from sunlight?

Vitamin D

Question: Which disease is caused by the bite of female Anopheles mosquito?


Question: Who invented the telephone?

Alexander Graham Bell

Question: Where is the formation of RBC –

in the bone marrow

Question: What is the respiratory pigment in muscles


Question: What is leukemia

blood cancer

Question: By what % the number of RBCs decreases during sleep


Question: Who records the electrical changes of the heart

Electrocardiogram (ECG)

Question: What is the time of blood coagulation

2 to 8 minutes

Question: ​​The amount of blood in the human body is what % of its weight

7% of the weight

Question: What is the % glucose in plasma


Question: Antibody’s main function is against

Against infection

Question: Which is the organ that purifies the blood


Question: What is the function of hemoglobin in the body

transport of oxygen

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